This is only a copy of
Cartridges containing tools and utilities Game cartridges
256K prom system rev. 5 Aegean voyage
1001 cardcruncher 4 After the war
Action replay 4.2 PAL Alf in the color caves
Action replay 5 NTSC Alien sidestep
Action replay 5 (7?) PAL hacked (Triumwyrat) Alphabet zoo
Action replay 5 PAL hacked (Bacchus) Alpha build
Action replay 6 PAL Astroblitz
Action replay 6 PAL German Attack of the mutant camels (US)
Action replay 6 PAL hacked (Triad) Avenger
Action replay 7 PAL hacked (Derko) Avenger (Commodore max version)
Action replay 7.3 PAL hacked (Atrax) Badlands
Action replay 7.5 PAL hacked Batman
Action replay software disks Battle command
Adventure creator Battlezone
Assembler 64 & Monitor (SYS700 assembler, SYS32777 monitor) BC's quest for tires
Atomic powercartridge Beamrider
Black copy box Big Bird's funhouse
C-64 diagnostic Big Bird's special delivery
C-64 diagnostic (alternate version) Blueprint
Calc result Bridge 64
CBM-64 stat Bubble burst
C.C.S. mon Buck Rogers
Charger floader Bug crusher
Comal 80 (+software disk) C64GS cartridge
Commodore sales Castle hassle
Conrad 128'er quickload Centipede
Conrad disk booster Chase HQ II
Crack modul 3.0 (press 1 after activating) Checkers
Datatronic C64-forth Choplifter
Defiers cardcruncher Close encounters
Dela S/4-modul Clowns/Circus fun
Delta drawing Clowns/Circus fun (Commodore max version)
Der Rechenlowe Fit in Mathematik 1 schuljahr Coccinelle
Der Rechenlowe Addition/Subtraction 2/3 schuljahr Coco-notes
Der Rechenlowe Multiplikation/Division 2/3 schuljahr Congo bongo
Der Rechenlowe Multiplikation/Division 3/4 schuljahr Cosmic life
Der Rechenlowe Fit in Geometrie 3/4 schuljahr Crisis mountain
Der Rechtschreiblowe Crystal castles (prototype)
Dismon - sys 32768 Cyberball
Doc 64 v2.2 Dance fantasy
Dolphin dos copy rom Decathlon
Emon version 2.3 Defender
Exbasic level II V64.1 Diamond mine
Expert cartridge (also requires software to program the device) Digdug
Epyx fastload Donkey Kong
Facemaker Dot gobbler
Final cartridge I Dot gobbler version 2
Final cartridge III 1987 Double dragon (Mastertronic)
Final cartridge III 1988 Double dragon (Ocean)
Final coder Dragon's den
Financial advisor Ducks ahoy
Graf 64 Ernie's magic shapes
Handic's 64 mon Espial
Happy Packer Falconian Invaders
HesMon64 Fraction fever
HesWriter64 Frogger
High-speed sector backup 3.0 Frogger II
Hires Ripper v1.1 Frog master
KCS powercartridge Funplay
Kickstart Galaxian
Killer cartridge Galaxions & Munchman
Magic Desk I Gateway to Apshai
Magic formel Ghostbusters
Magic monitor Gorf
Mastertype Gridrunner
Max basic Gridrunner II (AOTMC)
Mini basic Gyruss
Music composer Half time battlin' bands
Music machine H.E.R.O.
Nordic power cartridge Hes 4in1
Nordic power action cartridge 7.2 Hop along counting
Paintbrush Howzat cricket game
Puma's copycard International  soccer/football
Ramfloppy Jack attack
Rex format- und hardcopy modul James Bond: Diamonds are forever
Rex hypra-disk-II-modul Jaw breaker
Simons basic Juice
Song maker Jukebox
Speeddos copy rom Jumpman junior
Storymachine Jungle hunt
Super basic ram Jupiter lander
Super expander Kickman (commodore/bally)
Super hardcopy modul Kids on keys
Super Snapshot 5 PAL Kindercomp
Super Snapshot 5 NTSC Kung fu master
The designer's pencil Laser cycles
The Fall Guys Module Last ninja remix
The tool-64 Lazarian
TSI eprom Lazer zone
Tysim 64 - typewriter Leader board golf
Visual solar system Learning leeper
Write now 64 Lemans
  Linking logic
  Lode runner
  Logic levels
  Lunar leeper
  Mario's brewery
  Math mileage
  Maze man
  Maze master
  Memory manor
  Miner 2049'er
  Minnesota Fat's pool challenger
  Mole attack
  Money wars
  Moon patrol (atari)
  Motor mania
  Mountain king
  Movie musical madness
  Mr. Cool
  Mr. TNT
  Ms. Pacman
  Myth (sys 3 myth)
  Narco police
  Navy seals
  Number nabber shape grabber
  Number tumblers
  Oil's well
  Omega race
  Omega race (Commodore max version)
  Park patrol
  Peanut butter panic
  Pinball spectacular
  Pitfall 2: Lost caverns
  Pole position
  Power play
  Princess and the frog
  Rack 'em up
  Radar rat race
  Radar rat race (Commodore max version)
  Retro ball
  River raid
  Road race
  Robocop 2
  Robocop 3
  Robotron: 2084
  Rootin' Tootin'
  Sammy Lightfoot
  Save New York
  Sea speller
  Sea wolf
  Seahorse hide 'n seek
Sesame street letter-go-round
Shadow of the beast
  Solar fox
Space action
Space Ric-o-shay
  Space shuttle
  Space gun
Speed/bingo math
  Spy hunter
  Star rangers
  Star post
Star trek
Star wars
Super alien
  Super games
Super smash
  Super zaxxon
Tank wars
  Terminator 2: Judgement day
  The fourth sarcophagus
  The mutant spiders
  The pit
  Toy bizarre
Tooth invaders
Tournament tennis
  Turbo maze man
  Tyler's dungeon
  Up & add 'em
  Up 'n down
  Up for grabs
Viking raider
  Webster the word game
Wizard of Id's wiztype
  Wizard of wor
  Wizard of wor (Commodore max version)
  Zone ranger